Little Wins

This week has not been without disaster; I recovered from my cold and seemingly immediately sprained my ankle, I burned myself on the oven to avoid dropping a tray, I was too late to get Unknown Mortal Orchestra tickets, the sprained ankle has in turn caused my hip to play up, I’ve had a new starter in my team at work for whom nothing was ready for (but was nothing to do with me), I got sunburned THROUGH TIGHTS and I’ve managed to massage a bruise of gargantuan proportion into the back of my own leg.

My friends have been victims of similar misadventures; it’s just one of those weeks. During one of my many grumbling Whatsapp exchanges, one friend introduced me to the idea of ‘little wins’, of taking time each day to concentrate on the good things that happened, however small they may be. I was sceptical, for a number of reasons. Firstly, it sounded beyond cheesy. Secondly, I firmly believe in the freedom to have a bit of a shit day; I think current the discourse in advertising, media and particularly social media misleads us into thinking that we should always have a positive attitude and that we should always be happy, when in actual fact this is completely unattainable; happiness is not a state of mind, it is an emotion and emotions are transient. We become frustrated because we’ve been told we’re failing if we can’t maintain happiness, causing us to be more unhappy and ultimately influencing us to buy shit that we’ve seen on Instagram. Thirdly, it sounded beyond cheesy.

We started sarcastically (we are British), but, much to my dismay, I found it helpful. When I’m in a lot of pain, I can go through days of feeling like I haven’t achieved, done or enjoyed anything. I find it focusses me a bit, and reminds me that I have pushed myself, I have achieved something and that I do have a full life. Being that most of my ‘little wins’ have also involved Petit Filous, they’ve also taught me that I’m nostalgia-oriented and that I eat too many dairy products.

My little wins for the week are:

  • I ate 7 Petit Filous
  • I finally, in a pained up haze, started watching 30 Rock, and I’m in love with it and also Tina Fey
  • I got a new laptop and it’s not even held together with tape
  • I did not fall over on the tube, when I almost fell over on the tube
  • I got resale tickets for a different sold out gig (Avi Buffalo at St Pancras Old Church- they’re fab and it’s fab)
  • I spent Monday sat in a garden with friends drinking Pimms
  • My hip, although hurting, has remained in its socket

What’s your biggest little win this week?

Becky x

Author: Becky

Semi-successful walker, music lover, Ribena enthusiast.

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