Weekly drop count

I’m clumsy. Here is a round-up of all the things I’ve dropped and / or broken this week.

  • 1 pasta bake (dish survived, mozzarella did not)
  • my mobile phone (not as lucky as the pasta dish)
  • 3 knives, all missed my foot
  • my laptop (was sort of broken anyway, now held together with packing tape)
  • my bag, which then got tangled up in my crutches and I had to do some sort of ring around the roses style dance to part us
  • a fork full of cous cous; I’ve now stopped eating lunch at my desk to avoid #coucousgeddon
  • a chicken dipper, but thanks to good karma, right into a pot of garlic dip
  • my crutch, which I then had to negotiate picking up while using the other crutch

Author: Becky

Semi-successful walker, music lover, Ribena enthusiast.

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